VW Golf R Project No1 – Bespoke Discrete Install

We’ve seen a lot of Golf Rs recently, it is without a doubt the most popular vehicle with our customers, and luckily they provide a fantastic platform not only for performance but also for audio visual install. This customer in particular wanted something a little different to out usual all out installs.

The requirement was a boost to the substandard bass output from the OEM speaker system, but with as little intrusion to the cabin space as possible. We designed and custom built a housing to fit into the unused spare wheel well, to install a shallow Audison 8″ subwoofer. Paired with a JBL amp that fits conveniently in the remaining wheel well space! Once the boot floor is replaced you would not even know there are any modifications to the audio system.

You might think that having the sub unit tucked away like this would severely affect the output, and we also had minor doubts about this, but even we were incredibly impressed at the performance of this setup, especially considering the speaker driver was only a slim 8″ driver. The improvement is quite honestly unbelievable.

The original plan with this install was to use to single channel amplifier just to drive the new subwoofer, however during the installation we opted to go for a multichannel amp instead for a minimal cost increase and also rewired the door speakers to use the JBL amp, also vastly improving output from them.

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