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The figures?

It may surprise you to know that the number of reported vehicle thefts last year (2021) as reported by the DVLA was 48,400, and recovery rates of those vehicles are dropping as vehicle theft becomes more organised & sophisticated than ever. Whereas years ago the average vehicle theft was older models worth a few thousand £s, taken for a joyride. These days vehicle theft is a much more targeted and complex operation, with higher value vehicles being the main target. Unfortunately a lot of VAG vehicles are high value and highly desirable to criminals, that’s why here at VAG Audio Security we dedicate hours of our time daily to focusing on finding the best security solutions for your vehicles

Insurance issues

It is sadly the case that even the best insurance policy on its own is often not enough to cover you completely if your vehicle was to be stolen and not recovered. Without an additional GAP Insurance policy, many vehicles would have a lower market value than you paid for the vehicle, especially if it’s a relatively new vehicle, where the initial depreciation takes a while to level out, leaving you out of pocket even if the insurance company pay out the highest value they can. This is unfortunately unavoidable as a vehicle owner without additional insurance on top, but what you can do is decrease the risk of a successful theft in the first place and also increase the chance of recovery if it was to happen.

There is also the issue on some very high value vehicles where additional security is a requirement on the insurance policy to make the premium affordable. Often this is in the form of a tracking system, if this is the case for your policy, we have tried and tested systems available that will meet and exceed the requirements for your insurer. Just speak to us to get a quote for your tracking system.

What security can we provide?

We have a variety of security systems available to offer our customers, all of which we have tried and tested ourselves. We offer installation for all of our systems, or you can purchase them to install yourself.

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