activate features & settings you didn’t know your vehicle had!

What is Coding?

​Most modern vehicles have electronics controlled by modules that are essentially little computers. Like any computer there are settings stored in these modules that determine how certain features & functions on your vehicle behave, the average vehicle owner would not know about or be interested in these potential adjustments. But as an avid VAG enthusiast! We know you’ll already know about some of the cool features that you can activate to personalise your car!

Not only is coding used to adjust the functions of your vehicles standard equipment it can also be vital when making certain OEM retrofit modifications or aftermarket to ensure the new hardware interacts correctly with your vehicle, allowing you to enjoy your new mods.

Don’t like the new features or adjustments? Coding is fully reversible and your vehicle can be returned to the original settings with no issues.

What can we code?

Here are some examples of features that we may be able to adjustment on your VAG vehicle

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