OEM Retrofits / modifications

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What are OEM Retrofits?

OEM means the original equipment that comes in your vehicle, some OEM parts or features are sold as options that can be added to a vehicles spec at a cost. Retrofitting is fitting something to your vehicle that it did not have as standard from the factory.

Retrofitting of OEM parts that you or the original purchaser could have added to the cars original specification is popular as firstly you can often find the parts cheaper than the original option would have cost, and also because OEM upgrades like this will work perfectly with your vehicle to enhance your experience, unlike some cheaper aftermarket options they are normally high quality hardware and designed for the vehicle.

What can be retrofitted?

Here are some examples of popular retrofits we carry out for our customers –

Android Auto
Apple Carplay
Sat Nav
Audio Systems (HK, B&O, Bose)
Virtual/Digital Dash
Reversing Camera
Parking Sensors
Heated Steering Wheel
Xenon Headlight
Led Tail/head Lights

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